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It is important to us to invest in long-term partnerships which we conceive as a win-win situations for both parties. We believe that everyone - whether customer or supplier - deserves a respectful and fair treatment. With our partners, we strive to ensure mutual success. The key factor is the extremely high quality standards that are expected from both sides: our suppliers and ourselves. Many of our suppliers are leaders in their markets. Thus we can ensure that our customers are provided with high quality products. Below you will find our large circle of friends and partners that contribute to the VÖLKL Professional succes story.

Stumpp & Baier Logo As one of Germany's leading army shoe producer the Stumpp & Baier company is our most important research and developpment partner.
Woly logo Our long term partner for leather care products.
Murer Feuerschutz GmbH Murer Feuerschutz GmbH is bases in the region of Hannover and is a specialised dealer for fire fighting equipement which offers particulary good service and advise.
Massong GmbH Fritz Massong GmbH is our dealer in several regions selling our firefighting boots as well as several other firefighting equipment. Fritz Massong is a company with over 90 years of experience in the fiefighting market.
Feuerwehrtechnik Falk Barschke The company Feuerwehrtechnik Barschke is a very competent and dynamic dealer in the north eastern part of Germany and is specialised in firefighting, rescue and safety products.
text en The company Branschutztechnik Schimpf is a specialist for firefighting equipment and is well known for its very good service.
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text en Sympatex Technologies has been one of the leading global suppliers of high tech functional materials. The technologies and processes are based on the principle of ecological responsibility and sustainability since 1986.
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